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Coffee-table, E-Photobook -- with 732 pages, 530 of which contain single, original photos; 180 pages contain archive photos -- of Jewish sights and traces in Poland. This part covers MAZOVIA (Mazowsze). The photobook has been designed with the intent to show and inform the reader what Jewish heritage sights (and sites) are still existent in this part of Poland and what they can expect to see. While not developed as a travel guide, those interested in visiting Poland will find this an invaluable resource, whether they're visiting on a heritage tour, out of historical interest, or just want to sit at home and enjoy the subject matter. Click the photo for more details.












Smuggling drugs over the mountains of the Alps is nothing new. Again and again, they outsmart the border police. In desperation, the Italian police smuggle an officer into a Dolomite village, which they suspect of being the headquarters for a group of smugglers. Under the pretext of wanting to smuggle clocks over the border, undercover cops Stefan and Marco Hassler make contact with underworld elements. The brothers are not only known to be daring mountaineers, but men who accept every challenge thrown at them. Stefan, though, is being blackmailed by the gang leader to join the smugglers for another run. With little choice in the matter, he agrees to participate.


Seit langer Zeit schon treiben Rauschgiftschmuggler in den Bergen ihr Unwesen. Immer wieder schlagen sie der Grenzpolizei ein Schnippchen. Als letztes Mittel schleust die Polizei einen Offizier in das Dolomitendorf ein, in dem sie den Hauptsitz der Bande vermutet. Unter dem Vorwand, Uhren über die Berge schmuggeln zu wollen, gewinnt der unerkannte Offizier Stefan und Marco Hassler zur Mithilfe. Die Brüder sind nicht nur als verwegene Bergsteiger bekannt, sondern auch als Männer, die jede Herausforderung annehmen. Zu gleicher Zeit wird Stefan vom Chef der Rauschgiftbande dazu erpreßt, wieder bei einer Schmugglergang mitzumachen. Stefan bietet dem Offizier an, daran teilzunehmen. 



BACKBITERS  (UNE Vie sans Joie)  (1924)  * with switchable English & Spanish subs


Catherine Ferrand, an orphan, works as a maid at Georges Mallet's, mayor and deputy of Varance in the south of France. Because she has to collect keys at reception, Catherine discovers the mediocrity of the "high society", which makes fun of her. The mayor consoles her, but the gossip and jealousy of his wife forces her to leave. The girl is taken in by Mrs. Laisné, sister of Georges Mallet, who lives in Nice. This woman has a tubercular son, Maurice. The two young people fall in love, but during carnival festivities, the young boy dies in the arms of the girl. The family chases her from the house. 

Catherine Ferrand, une orpheline, travaille comme bonne chez Georges Mallet, maire et député de Varance dans le Midi de la France. Parce qu'elle doit récupérer des clés lors d'une réception, Catherine découvre la médiocrité de la « haute société » qui se moque d'elle. Le maire la console mais les commérages et la jalousie de sa femme la forcent à s'en aller. La jeune fille est accueillie par Mme Laisné, sœur de Georges Mallet, qui vit à Nice. Cette femme a un fils tuberculeux, Maurice. Les deux jeunes gens tombent amoureux, mais pendant les fêtes de carnaval, le jeune garçon meurt dans les bras de la jeune fille. La famille la chasse de la maison. 


SWASTIKA  (1974)


Swastika is the most controversial documentary about Hitler ever made. Utilizing intimate color home movie footage shot by Eva Braun, the film presents the private life of a dictator going on picnics and joking with friends; displaying a banal face to the man labeled as the devil incarnate by history. The film interweaves rare propaganda films, which presented Hitler as he wanted to be seen (consoling war widows and frolicking with young children). Director Philippe Mora combines these materials together to form a revelatory autobiography of Hitler's rise and fall, from the formation of the Nazi state through the end of WWII. After a tumultuous reception in Cannes in 1973, the film was banned in Germany for 37 years until 2010, when it opened to reviews acknowledging its significant contribution to understanding Nazism. As the opening credits state, "If Hitler is dehumanized and shown only as a devil, any future Hitler may not be recognized, simply because he is a human being."






A bookstore is running a second, lesser-known business in its back room, where the store owner and his sons help "lonely" women take care of their sexual urges.







THE LAST BULLET  (1973)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Mihai Roman, the partner of ex-commissar Miclovan tries hard to see Miclovan's assassin, Semanca, behind bars. Because the court doesn't have enough evidence, Semanca is set free. In his desperate effort to imprison Semanca, Mihai Roman receives another mission and another partner at the same time. The new partner, Oarca, seems to be an ex-servant who's good at everything.









DIVA BARA  (1948)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Božena Němcová's story served as a model for this romantic story about a courageous, self-made girl, despised as a shepherd's daughter, who's afraid of nothing. But superstitious villagers tell all sorts of strange things about her, even seeking connections between the girl and hellish powers. Bold and courageous, Bára almost pay for the stupid prejudices of her neighbors. She brings the whole village to a boil with her antics.






 DOS TIPOS DE CUIDADO  (1953)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Set in rural Mexico during the 1950's in a small town, Jorge Bueno and Pedro Malo are best friends. Pedro is in love with María, who is Jorge's sister, and Jorge is dating Rosario, who is Pedro's cousin. Jorge leaves town and returns a year later and discovers that his best friend married his girlfriend. This turns Jorge bitter and the friendship he shared with Pedro is shattered.













A fortune teller's predictions become a self-fulfilling prophecy and plunge a young man into misery and misfortune. A carnival charlatan by the name of Professor Sapis tells the accountant Scholz about the imminent death of his wife. When concern for his wife's safety leads him to watch over her obsessively, he discovers what he believes to be her infidelity ... and strangles her.

Der Spruch eines Wahrsagers wird zur selbsterfüllenden Prophezeiung und stürzt einen jungen Mann ins Unglück: Ein Rummelplatz-Scharlatan namens Professor Sapis sagt dem Buchhalter Scholz den baldigen Tod seiner Frau voraus. Als dieser seine Frau daraufhin aus Sorge überwachen lässt, glaubt er Grund zu der Annahme zu haben, dass sie ihn betrügt – und erwürgt sie. 






Country doctor Lohnefink is a dye-in-the-wool bachelor. His landlady Fita is a widow with a tribe of kids, who's looking to get married again and will do anything and everything to get her hands on the doctor. Lohnefink resists bravely, but when beautiful Gretl shows up (the niece of a friend and secretary in a marriage registrar's), then the good doctor has to admit defeat ... as she ends up marrying him.

Landarzt Löhnefink ist ein eingefleischter Junggeselle, und seine Wirtin Fita eine heiratslustige und kinderreiche Witwe, die hartnäckig zahlreiche Versuche unternimmt, ihn zum Standesamt zu bringen. Löhnefink wehrt sich tapfer, doch als sich die hübsche Gretl einschaltet, Nichte eines Freundes und Sekretärin in einem Eheanbahnungsinstitut, da muss Löhnefink sich dann doch geschlagen geben – weil Gretl ihn gleich selbst heiratet.






An impression of the state of the world in 1929, contrasting similarities and differences in religion, customs, art and entertainment from all over the world. The film is constructed like a symphony.


Stockbroker Goldstein advises a sale of shares in the Gluckauf Copper Mine. Overnight, the price of the stock falls six percent. The owner of the mine (and main shareholder), Helene Netzler, learns of the stock crash in the papers. She immediately contacts mine director Bruno Lindholm, who tells her that the mine's production yield has seriously declined. Helene's desperate: all of her wealth is tied up in that mine. She appeals to Lindholm for help and suggests that he find a new vein, which may deliver high yields. Bot go to the copper pit and enter a shaft to see if the idea is plausible. Helene tells Lindholm, that if he's successful in finding the new vein, she'll make him the mine's co-owner. But underlying all that is a mutual attraction, which leads to a kiss between them. A kiss, which causes Helene to break away and leave hastily.

Der Börsenagent Goldstein empfiehlt den Verkauf von Aktien der Kupfergrube Glückauf. Der Kurs für die Aktie fällt daraufhin über Nacht um 6 Prozent. Die Inhaberin der Grube Helene Netzler, die die Mehrzahl der Aktien hält, erfährt vom Kursverfall aus der Zeitung. Sofort lässt sie den Bergwerksdirektor Bruno Lindholm zu sich kommen. Lindholm erklärt ihr, dass der Kupferertrag der Grube nachgelassen habe. Helene ist verzweifelt, verdankt sie ihren Reichtum doch einzig der Kupfergrube. Sie fleht Lindholm um Hilfe an und der deutet an, dass er eine neue Kupferader entdeckt habe, die möglicherweise hohe Erträge liefern werde. Beide begeben sich zur Kupfergrube und fahren in den Schacht ein, um Grube und neue Ader zu besichtigen. Nach der Besichtigung besprechen sich Helene und Lindholm. Sie verspricht, ihn beim Erfolgsfall zum Mitinhaber der Grube zu machen. Beide fühlen sich zueinander hingezogen und sie küssen sich, doch reißt sich Helene los und fährt überstürzt ab. 





A small village in the Erzgebirge shortly before the end of the Second World War: Wolfgang, the 15 year old son of the teacher Werner Grubler, signs up for duty in the Waffen SS. Grubler, who is a Nazi Party member, taught his students to behave accordingly. But his son volunteering to fight has shocked the hypocrite. Wolfgang hates his father, because he considers him a coward. One night, Grubler ties up his son with a chain and drags him into the forest, where he's built a bunker to hide the boy until the war's ended. The result is a series of fierce arguments between the two.

Ein kleines Dorf im Erzgebirge kurz vor Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs. Wolfgang, 15jähriger Sohn des Lehrers Werner Grübler, meldet sich freiwillig zur Waffen-SS. NSDAP-Mitglied Grübler hat seine Schüler entsprechend erzogen. Die Handlung seines eigenen Sohnes aber schockiert ihn. Wolfgang haßt den Vater, weil er ihn für feige hält. In der Nacht fesselt Grübler seinen Sohn und bringt ihn in den Wald, wo er eine Erdhöhle baut, um sich mit dem Jungen bis zum Kriegsende dort zu verstecken. Zwischen beiden kommt es zu heftigen Auseinandersetzungen. 


ALT BERLIN, 1900 - 1939


Documentary about life in the German capital in the beginning of the 20th Century until the outbreak of its biggest catastrophe. For the viewer interested in the typical life of a resident in that time frame, quite interesting








DIE STADT DER MILLIONEN  (1925)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Documentary about Berlin. This was the first, full-length film to portrait the city's lively, at times hectic, and metropolitan side. In the midst of the economic crisis in Germany after the First World War, Berliners show their local patriotism and cheerfulness. The film invites the viewer to come to Berlin and find out for one's self what it's really like

Dokumentation über Berlin. Der Film zeigt als das erste deutsche abendfüllende Stadtportrait Berlin von seiner lebendigen, teils hektischen und großstädtischen Seite. Nach der überstandenen Wirtschaftskrise zeigen die Berliner ihren Lokalpatriotismus und ihre Fröhlichkeit, der Film lädt zu einem Besuch in die Stadt ein.





The jeweler Mueller --- a good-hearted man, if not a bit of a fool --- inherits an ancient car from his family. At first, he wants nothing more than to sell the disaster, but then decides to hold onto it. It soon turns out that not only does the car have its own soul, but becomes the reason for lots of mischief.  

Juwelier Müller, ein herzensguter, wenngleich leicht vertrottelter Familienvater, erbt mit seiner Familie ein uraltes Auto. Zuerst will er es sofort wieder verkaufen, aber dann behält er es doch. Es erweist sich nicht nur als Auto mit Seele, sondern auch als Ursache zahlreichen Unfugs. 








A doctor is in love with a married man, who leads a gang of morphine smugglers. She, too, gets to know what life in prison is like after refusing to help a patient, who ends up dying ... all caused by incorrect suspicions on her part. After discharge, she becomes a singer in a nightclub, where she meets a professor, who rehabilitates her and gets her a career as an advisory doctor to the police who deal with drug smuggling.

Eine Ärztin liebt einen verheirateten Mann, der eine Bande von Morphiumhändlern anführt. Auch sie macht Bekanntschaft mit dem Gefängnis, nachdem sie, wegen falscher Verdächtigungen unter Schock stehend, einer Patientin die Hilfe verweigert hat und diese stirbt. Nach der Entlassung wird sie Animierdame und Sängerin in einem Nachtlokal, wo sie einen Professor trifft, der sie rehabilitiert und zur Vertrauensärztin der Rauschgiftpolizei macht.




 TOP SHELF EIN MILLIONÄR HAT’S SCHWER (1958) * with switchable English subtitles *


The park ranger.  It’s only a matter of time, however, before Edward’s masquerade leads to all  millionaire Edward Collins is fed up with women chasing after his money.  When he falls in love with the pretty waitress Ninette, he decides to play it safe:  with the help of his butler Alfons, he passes himself off as a poor wretch.  The sympathetic waitress promptly gets him a job as a sorts of complications.


Der Millionär Edward Collins hat es satt, dass die Frauen ihn nur seines Geldes wegen umgarnen. Als er sich in die hübsche Kellnerin Ninette verliebt, will er daher auf Nummer sicher gehen: Mit Unterstützung seines Butlers Alfons schlüpft er in eine andere Identität und gibt sich bei Ninette als armer Schlucker aus. Prompt vermittelt ihm die sympathische Kellnerin einen Job als Parkwächter. Es ist jedoch nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis Edwards Maskerade zu allerlei Verwicklungen führt.

 THE BLUEST OF SEAS (U Samovo Sinyevo Morya) (1935) * with switchable English subtitles *


Yussuf and Aliosha are two shipwrecked sailor on an island in the Caspian Sea.  They start working as sailor and mechanic for the fishboats of the "Lights of the Communism" kolkhoz.  Here the two friends will fall in love with the beautiful Misha.











ROME, OPEN CITY (1945) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Made just months after the end of the Second World War in Europe,  Rome, Open City tells the story of the brutal German occupation of Italy in the closing days of the War.

The film opens with German soldiers searching for Giorgio Manfredi, who eludes them by jumping around roofs.  A priest, Don Pietro Pellegrini, helps the resistance transmit messages and money.   The Gestapo commander in the city, with the help of the Italian police commissioner, captures Giorgio and the priest, and interrogates Giorgio violently.  They attempt to use Pietro's religious beliefs to convince him to betray his cause, citing that he allies himself with atheists.  Pietro responds that anyone who strives to help others is on that path of God whether they believe in Him or not.  They then force Pietro to watch as Giorgio is tortured to death.  When Don Pietro still refuses to crack, he is executed.


Having fallen from grace at Paramount, musical comedy star Nancy Carroll retreated to Columbia Pictures, known in 1935 as "the Port of Missing Stars." Though Carroll does no singing in Columbia's Atlantic Adventure, she is still a charming and delightful screen presence. The actress is cast as Helen, the oft-neglected fiancee of hotshot reporter Dan Miller (Lloyd Nolan). When he tries to keep his appointments with Helen, Dan is fired by his newspaper. Hoping to get back in the good graces of his boss, Dan boards an ocean liner in pursuit of the man responsible for the murder of the District Attorney. Of course, Helen is also on board this ship, as is a gang of jewel thieves, leading to more than a few perilous situations for the hero and heroine. Silent film comedian Harry Langdon, who like Nancy Carroll was considered a fading star in 1935, is hilarious as Dan's photographer pal Snapper.





 (1929) + CHILD OF THE BIG CITY (1914) * with English intertitles *


In Child of the Big City, seamstress Mary dreams of a better life in luxury instead of her badly paid job in a sweatshop. Her dreams come true, when she draws the attention of Victor, a burgeoise, who invites her for dinner and makes her a lady. But, about a year later, she has become tired of him, and thanks to her, his money is almost gone. When he asks for settling down outside the big city, where his money should be enough for a modest living, she breaks with him and picks up a new lover. A year later, Victor is living in a shabby, cold room under the roof, still trying to meet her again --- something she definitely refuses to entertain.


Turksib: The title of this Russian documentary refers to the railroad linking Turkestan and Sberia. Produced on a grand scale, the film recounts the construction of this important transportation link, using actual newsreel footage and tons of stock shots from previous Soviet propaganda films. The "plot" is dictated by the progress of the construction, and as such has its dull patches from time to time. Of the many memorable scenes, several are standouts, including a harrowing sandstorm, obviously filmed at great personal risk to the camera crew. Filmed silent, Turksib was released in the U.S. with live musical accompaniment. 

 (1958) * with switchable English subtitles *


In Arabic, "mamluk" means “white slave”. In Egypt, this name was given to prisoners of war who had been sold into slavery from Georgia and other countries of the Caucasus. The action of this drama starts in Georgia in the late 18th century. Two friends are abducted and sold into slavery. One ends up in Egypt, the other - in Venice. Years later, they meet by the ancient pyramids, where a battle is going on between the armies of Bonaparte and Ali-Bey, the ruler of Egypt. In combat with a French officer, the mamluk injures him. Falling from his horse onto the sand, the officer exclaims in Georgian: "Vai, nana!" ("Oh, mother!").  And the mamluk recognizes him from his childhood.





 SZOKNYA EGY NADRAG (1943) * with switchable English subtitles *


Sóvári, a színész Pintér Ibolya művésznőbe szerelmes. Ibolyának udvarol Borsay, az elszegényedett gróf is, akit csak a kilátásban lévő gazdag spanyol örökösnővel kötendő házassága mentene meg. Sóvári féltékeny vetélytársára és színészi tehetségét is bizonyítani akarja előtte, ezért spanyol örökösnőnek öltözve jelenik meg a pesti szállodában és mulatságos jelenetek során leckézteti meg a grófot, aki lelkesen udvarol neki. Közben megérkezik a valódi spanyol özvegy is.


Peter Sovari, an outstanding comedian and dancer, falls in love with a novice actress, Ibolya Pinter.  However, the actress would rather be courted by a certain count, who, in turn, is only interested in flirting with the actress, because his real target is a rich widow from Spain.  Sovari's jealousy leads him to go into drag as the Spanish widow to prove to Ibolya, that the count is nothing more than a gold digger.  His ploy works, as the count starts chasing after him!  In the meantime, the real Spanish widow arrives.
 JOUR SE LEVE (1939) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Une dispute se fait entendre dans une maison ouvrière de banlieue. Coup de feu, porte qui claque. Un homme, Valentin, roule sur les marches, mort. L'assassin, François, se barricade dans sa chambre. La police arrive et assiège la maison. Pendant la nuit, François revoit les étapes du drame, son amour pour Françoise, la jeune fleuriste, sortie tout comme lui de l'Assistance publique, sa rencontre avec Valentin, le cynique montreur de chiens, prêt à tout pour assouvir sa passion des jeunes filles en fleur, et ses relations équivoques avec Clara, la compagne de Valentin ...


An argument can be heard behind the doors of an apartment in a working-class neighborhood.  A man, Valentin, rolls down the steps and is found dead by a blind man.  The alleged murderer, François, has barricaded himself in his room.  The police arrive and lay siege to his apartment.  As the night passes, François reviews the progression of the tragedy:  his love for the clever orphan Françoise and how he becomes increasingly disturbed by her attraction to the seedy entertainer Valentin.  When Clara, Valentin's assistant and lover, leaves him, she pursues François, who still pines for Françoise.  Amused by François' frustrations at trying to win over the girl, Valentin taunts him, which leads to the tragic act and the intervention of the police.
 AND ME (1938) * with switchable German subtitles *


Joe Dennis is an ex-convict working at a department store in Manhattan, whose owner believes in giving ex-cons a second chance.  Joe ends up getting together with another employee, Helen, who's also an ex-con and who's forbidden to date as a condition of her parole.  Add to that some other problems with other ex-cons and you got the idea.

This American film has switchable German subtitles, but should not to be confused with the film of the same name (Du und Ich) also put out in 1938, but in Germany.









 TALES OF HOFFMANN (1951) * with switchable English subtitles *


In this British ballet-opera adaptation of the classical work by Offenbach, a young poet by the name of Hoffman is plagued by a series of failed romances.  His affair with beautiful Olympia comes to naught, when he eventually discovers she's only a mechanical woman designed by a scientist.  He then comes to believe, that a beautiful courtesan has fallen in love with him, only to find out she was hired by an enemy to fake her affection.  In the end, a magic spell takes the life of his final lover.


 (1967) + SILENT WITNESSES (1914) * with switchable English subtitles *


VIY: A group of seminary students from the city drunkenly wander around the countryside during their summer leave.  Getting lost, they end up spending the night in the company of a witch.  A fight breaks out and one of the students, Khoma, murders the witch.  In reality, however, he didn't kill a witch; just the beautiful daughter of a local landowner.  Now he has to sit with her body for three days, protecting it from evil spirits.


SILENT WITNESSES  (1914): This pre-Revolution classic depicts the interplay between the servants of a large household and the upper class patrons they serve.  In the film's opening, one of the servants wishes to go home to be with her children and Nastya, another servant, agrees to serve in her place.  Nastya's grandfather is a porter in the same house.  Soon afterwards, the lady of the house goes on a trip, leaving her son Pavel at home.  Pavel's engaged to Ellen, but Ellen openly flirts with other men.  It isn't long before Nastya and the other servants figure out, that Ellen is having an affair with Baron von Rehren.  That revelation will put Nastya and the other servants in a very uncomfortable position.
 MALEDETTO IMBROGLIO (The Facts of Murder) (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *


A theft has taken place in one of the apartments of an old, converted mansion in Rome.  Commissioner Ingravalle of CID had just started an investigation into the robbery, when in the same building, in the very next apartment, a murder is discovered.  The victim is Liliana Banducci, a woman still quite young and attractive, but who, for some reason, recently re-wrote her will.  Now the commissioner has two crimes to solve and that's not going to be easy, because the clues are disjointed and fragmentary.

While not meant to be comical in any way, this very good, but dated, film, causes more than a few laughs with its stereotypical portrayal of overdramatic Italians; its lighthearted handling of the interrogation of everyone from suspects to male hustlers; and over-the-top melodramatic performances on the part of all the actors/actresses.



 (1938) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Also known as Shkhenim, the film tells the story of a young radio announcer living in Warsaw, who has a penchant for swing and jazz and is constantly at odds with his landlord, a classical musician.  A mix-up involving names and apartments leads to some amusing complications, when the young man falls in love with a young woman, who, unbeknownst to him, is the landlord's niece.






 (1969) * with switchable English subtitles *


An English doctor saves a Mexican revolutionary leader (Tepepa) from the firing squad in order to exact personal revenge for the death of his fiancée. But things are not so simple, as the revolutionary is a popular man with the masses and his version of events throws doubt as to his guilt in the matter. The doctor isn't swayed but, as political hostilities are renewed, both men are engulfed in the increasing violence and find themselves pursued by the ruthless Colonel Carrosco, who's determined to recapture Tepepa and make an example of him to the peons who see him as a hero.








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