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New Arrivals



The household of widower Mike Frame, a chemistry instructor at a Midwest university who is also engaged in secret war work, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Emil Bruckner, the twelve-year-old son of Mike's late sister, who married and lived in Germany with the great German liberal leader Karl Bruckner. Both Bruckner and his wife perished in a German concentration camp, and consequently, Emil, now orphaned, is being sent to live with his American uncle. Mike's daughter Pat eagerly anticipates the arrival of her cousin, while Mike's spinster sister Jessie, an ardent anti-Nazi, disapproves of the boy joining their household. Frieda, their German housekeeper, is happy to welcome her fellow countryman, and Leona Richards, a Jewish schoolteacher and Mike's sweetheart, is warmly supportive of Mike's decision to accept him. When Emil fails to arrive on the train, Pat and Frieda become worried. Having just proposed to Leona, Mike invites her home for lunch, and soon after they arrive, Emil appears and calmly announces that he has come by plane. The extremely formal boy is suspicious of his new family's friendliness and voices a loathing for his father, who has once Mike's teacher. Thunderstruck upon discovering that Leona is Jewish, Emil makes an anti-Semitic remark and then goes to his room. After he leaves, Mike and Leona discuss getting married, even though their marriage would mean that Leona must refuse a lucrative offer from a Chicago school. In his room, Emil changes into his Hitler Youth uniform and later savagely attacks Frieda when she rejects his attempt to recruit her to the Nazi cause. Terrified by the boy's aggressiveness, Frieda calls for help, causing Leona and Mike to have a serious talk with the boy. After answering their questions with Nazi stock answers, Emil accuses his father of being a traitor because the liberals caused Germany to lose the war in 1918. After Mike and Leona leave the room, Emil viciously slashes the portrait of his father that is hanging on the wall. At school, Emil is assigned to Pat's class, which is being taught by Leona. With his arrogance and intolerance, Emil quickly engenders the hate of his classmates. Upon learning of Mike's impending marriage, Emil launches a campaign to divide the family and manipulates Jessie into feeling that Leona is breaking up her home. When Emil gets into a fight with Stan, a boy of Polish descent, Millie, a classmate whose American father is being held prisoner in a German camp, testifies that Stan attacked Emil. Later, Millie confesses that Emil threatened to write to Germany and have her father executed unless she testified for him. Forced to apologize before the class, Emil screams that he is being persecuted and, after running out of the classroom, he uses a piece of chalk to scrawl on the sidewalk that Leona is a "Jewish tramp." Emil then runs home and shrewdly apologizes to Mike. When Leona demands that Emil be punished for his actions, Mike, who believes Emil's insincere apology, defends the boy, causing Leona to break their engagement and accept the job in Chicago. Soon after, Pat catches Emil rifling Mike's desk in search of secret papers from the War Department, and when she threatens to tell Mike, Emil attacks her with a poker. When Pat is discovered unconscious, Emil flees and Mike sends the police after him. The incident brings Leona back to the house and she reconciles with Mike and Jessie. Stan and several of Pat's friends chase Emil, and after Stan thrashes him, the boys take him back to the house. Insane with rage, Mike almost chokes the boy to death before Leona stops him. After sending Mike out of the room, Leona talks to the boy and finds him subtly changed. When Emil discovers that Pat has borrowed a year's advance on her allowance to buy him a watch for his birthday, he breaks down and cries. Mike calls the police to take Emil away, but Pat, now conscious, and Leona urge him to give the boy another chance. When Emil stammers that he now realizes that his father was a brave man and recalls the beatings he suffered at the hands of the Nazis, Mike understands that the boy has been an innocent victim of the Nazis and allows him to stay.



GROWTH OF THE SOIL  (1921)  * with multiple, switchable subtitles *  *NEW *

Isak, a middle-aged wanderer, builds himself a homestead in the middle of the wilderness. Eventually he is joined by Inger who is described in a caption as "comely" but disfigured with a hare lip. Together they tame the wilderness and have three children. Two boys and a girl. The girl is is born with a hare lip and Inger kills and buries her. The burial is seen by Oline, a less than nice neighbor, who spreads the news. Eventually Inger is tried and convicted to eight years in prison, little realizing she is again already pregnant. Isak is heartbroken but continues to bring up his two sons. He sells some of his land to a copper mining company and becomes relatively wealthy. More settlers buy land around the homestead. Inger is released after eight years and returns home with the daughter she has born while in jail. The action then switches to the next generation, Barbro, the daughter of a neighbor, and Axel, a strapping lad with a beard, get together. She then learns that her Axel is taking a job that rightfully belongs to her father. She falls into a river while in labour and the baby dies. She is tried for murder in 'the city'. Meanwhile her husband stupidly manages to get himself trapped under a falling tree. He calls for help. The only person within earshot is Barbro's father (why neither of these two is in the city at the trial is not explained) The Father walks on by leaving Axel to die. Barbro is acquitted, and returns home to find her husband still alive under the tree. She goes and gets Isak to help. He pulls Axel free and the pair are reconciled. There is a wedding and Isak and Inger slip away to look at the sky and wonder at the marvels of nature and the rural idyll that they have created.



491  (1964)  * with switchable English and German subtitles *  * NEW *

A group of youth criminals who are chosen to participate in a social experiment, named "Guest house Objectivity" (Pensionatet Sakligheten), where they are assigned to live together in an apartment while being supervised by two social workers. The six criminals have a highly critical approach to social care, but are equally disdainful towards the society around them. The atmosphere at the " guest house" is characterized by sadism, open violence and indiscriminate assaults against each other. The tagline is: "It is written that 490 times you can sin and be forgiven". This film is about the 491st. This highly controversial film, which featured a male homosexual rape scene, was first banned in Sweden, but released after re-editing. Amongst other things, a scene in which a woman is raped by a dog was cut. The film brought about such disgust and outrage within conservative circles in Sweden, that it was one of the reasons the Christian Democratic Party was founded in the country in 1964.



THE CARDINAL  (1936)  *NEW *

Set in 15th-century Italy, The Cardinal stars Matheson Lang as one Cardinal de Medici. Bound by the rules of the confessional, the cardinal is unable to disclose the multitude of sins revealed to him by one of his most influential parishioners. De Medici’s dilemma is compounded by the fact that the confessor has committed a murder for which the Cardinal’s brother has been arrested.



ADVANCE PATROL  (1957)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

January 1905, Manchuria: The Russo-Japanese War has been going on for nearly a year. The Japanese have just dealt the Russians a notable blow by capturing Port Arthur. The end seems to be in sight, but the Japanese themselves are on the brink of collapse, as their manpower and resources are stretched to the full. Preparing for a final showdown with the Russians, the Japanese send Lieutenant Tatekawa and five soldiers on a recon mission. They are to go behind Russian lines and discover what the Russians' next step will be.



THIS SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP  (1964)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Georges de Sarre, a fourteen-year-old boy, is sent to a Catholic boarding school in 1920s France. Getting to know the other boys, he is immediately interested in Lucien Rouvière, of whom he is warned by the unsympathetic Marc de Blajan, who cryptically informs him that some of the students "may seem good, but are in fact not". Georges is dismayed when he learns that Lucien already has a boyfriend, André Ferron. He befriends Lucien, but filled with envy, tries to destroy their relationship, eventually succeeding in getting André expelled in a Machiavellian scheme. When his advances towards Lucien remain fruitless, Georges starts a "special friendship", i.e. a friendship with homosexual overtones, with a twelve-year-old student, the beautiful Alexandre Motier. The priests who lead the school disapprove of these relationships, even though it does not go beyond a few kisses and love poems, with no sexual connotation. Despite their air of condemnation of these special friendships, some of the priests harbor sexual feelings for the boys. One of them, Father de Trennes, likes to invite boys to join him in his room at night for a few drinks and cigarettes. Georges continues his scheming ways and gets Father de Trennes expelled by an anonymous letter. However, Father Lauzon, who is a friend of Alexandre's family and wants to protect him, learns about their relationship and demands that it be ended immediately.



LA BANDERA  (1935)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *  *NEW *

After he kills a man in a fight, Pierre Gilieth is forced to flee Paris. He winds up in Barcelona, Spain, but his money is stolen and he ends up having to join the Spanish Foreign Legion. He's eventually stationed in North Africa and believes that he has successfully covered his tracks. But one of his new friends in the squad, Fernando, is a detective and has been following his every move. However, the two will have to join forces when they're attacked by thieves.


Pierre Gilieth, un criminel français ayant tué un homme dans un bar de la rue Saint-Vincent à Paris, décide de fuir la France et s'engage dans la Légion étrangère espagnole. Sans le savoir, celui-ci est suivi par Fernando Lucas, un indicateur de police tenté par la prime. Mais les deux hommes vont s'unir et devenir amis.



DELIVER US FROM EVIL  (1979)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

In the Winter of 1944, guests at a dance school are interrupted by an air raid. András Adorján - the cloakroom attendant's son - steals a coat to sell and buy Aranka Fussbaum's services. In defense of her honor, she goes after him with her family to recover the coat. While the War runs on in the background, they commit much greater crimes than theft and lose much more than a coat.



LIFE BELONGS TO US  (1936)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *  *NEW *

After a brief prologue, in which we see a teacher inform schoolboys about all the riches of France, the story unfolds in three episodes: - In a factory, an old worker, condemned by "automation", is threatened with dismissal. His comrades mobilize and go on strike until the bosses are forced to keep him on. - In the countryside, a family of farmers, ruined, see their property seized and scattered at auction. A nephew, helped by some friends, disrupts the course of the sale and deflects for the benefit of the family. - A young, freshly-graduated engineer is ground down looking day after day for work without success. Life belongs to those who struggle and unite and the film ends with songs and parades. French communist propaganda at its best (worst?).


Après un bref prologue, où l'on voit un instituteur énumérer à des écoliers médusés toutes les richesses de la France, le récit se déploie en trois épisodes : - Dans une usine, un vieil ouvrier, condamné par le "chrono", est menacé de licenciement quand ses camarades se mobilisent et font grève jusqu'à obtenir son maintien. - À la campagne, une famille de fermiers, ruinée, voit ses biens saisis et sur le point d'être dispersés aux enchères, quand un neveu aidé de quelques amis perturbe le déroulement de la vente et la détourne au profit de la famille elle-même. - Un jeune ingénieur fraîchement diplômé s'use jour après jour à chercher du travail sans succès. La vie appartient à ceux qui luttent et s'unissent et le film se termine en apothéose, avec chants et défilés.




Old Johann Ebeseder from Vienna lives only for his little suburban theatre, which he's run for years. So, you can imagine how shocked he is to find out that the building the theatre's housed in is about to be torn down. In its place, the Viennese want to set up a gardening exhibition in a small park. To prove to these horrible, tree-hugging Viennese officials that the theatre is still a public attraction, Johann --- with the help of his niece Franziska and her friend Stefan --- make it their mission to attract an actual theater star to their little art house. As they say: the show must go on ... even if it means fewer oxygen-giving trees in a filthy city.


Der alte Wiener Johann Ebeseder lebt nur für sein kleines Vorstadttheater, das er seit vielen Jahren betreibt. Umso schockierter ist er über die Nachricht, dass das Gebäude, in dem das Theater sich befindet, abgerissen werden soll: Auf dem Grundstück will die Stadt anlässlich der Gartenbauausstellung einen kleinen Park anlegen. Um den Behörden zu beweisen, dass sein Theater noch immer ein Publikumsmagnet ist, will Johann mit Hilfe seiner Enkelin Franziska und deren Freund Stefan einen echten Star dazu bewegen, auf der kleinen Vorstadtbühne aufzutreten.



THE HAPPY MINISTER  (1941)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Tauno Palo plays an artist who bases a painting for a revealing lingerie ad on a photo of a girl he had found torn from a magazine, not knowing that the girl is, in fact, the daughter of the Finnish Minister of Finance. A scandal is about to erupt and the artist is given 48 hours to find a strikingly similar-looking female model, who can serve as his alibi. The minister's daughter decides to fool the artist by pretending to be a lowly girl of the streets, whom the artist then recruits as his "model".



ANASTASIA WAS GENTLY PASSING BY  (1980)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *  *NEW *

Summer, 1944: In a village on the Danube, at the border with Yugoslavia, the echoes of war can barely be heard. But behind this seeming tranquility, a vicious struggle is underway against the German Army by Romanian and Yugoslav partisans. Captured partisans are shown absolutely no mercy, and his body must remain untouched in the public square to serve as a warning. The mayor of the town is responsible with his life to ensure this order by the Germans is carried out to the letter. There's no shortage of collaborators in the town; but for a young teacher named Anastasia, things aren't that simple in real life.



CATHERINE OF RUSSIA  (1963)  * with switchable English and French subtitles *  *NEW *

Catherine discovers her husband Peter, tsar of Russia, is plotting to kill her. She sets Count Orlov free from prison, Peter's sworn enemy, becomes empress of Russia and leads the Cossack army against the tsar.




A magic seed is given as a gift to siblings Andryusha and Marika. If you plant this seed in the earth, it's supposed to grant you any wish you want. Evil Karamor is intent on stealing this seed from the children, as it diminishes his power to do bad things.


Den Geschwistern Andrjuscha und Marijka wird ein Zauberkorn geschenkt. Pflanzt man das Korn in die Erde, soll jeder Wunsch in Erfüllung gehen. Der böse Karamor will den Kindern das Zauberkorn abjagen, denn es schmälert seine Macht.




Austria, in the 1930s: Financially well-off Georg comes to Salzburg to attend a film festival. But when he's unable to pay the bill in a cafe, because visiting Germans were only allowed to export ten Marks total into Austria at the time, housekeeper Konstanze helps him in his trouble. Georg quickly falls in love with the pretty, young woman. It turns out, however, that Konstanze is no mere maid, but the daughter of a noble, who's also a playwright. Playing the role of a housekeeper --- and enlisting the aid of her father, who also presents himself as part of the household staff --- Konstanze decides to create a "live" comedy, eventually pulling Georg into the strange scenario.


Österreich, in den dreißiger Jahren: Der wohlhabende Georg kommt anlässlich der Theaterfestspiele nach Salzburg. Als er in einem Café seine Rechnung nicht bezahlen kann, hilft ihm die Hausangestellte Konstanze aus der Bredouille. Georg verliebt sich in die hübsche junge Frau. Wenig später stellt sich jedoch heraus, dass Konstanze keine kleine Angestellte, sondern die Tochter eines Adeligen Lustspielautors ist. Mit ihrem Rollenspiel will sie ihren Vater, der sich ebenfalls als Dienstbote ausgibt, zu Ideen für seine neuen Stücke inspirieren. Kurz entschlossen spielt Georg das kuriose Spiel mit.




TWO COMRADES WERE SERVING  (1968)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

During the final stages of the Russian Civil War, two Red Army men are sent on a reconnaissance mission by their regimental commander to film the White Army fortifications on the Crimean Peninsula. After completing their mission, the engine on their airplane stalls and their forced to land in enemy territory. After a series of misadventures, the two are brought before a Red firing squad to be executed as White spies. Fortunately, their colonel shows up just in time to stop the execution.



GIBRALTAR  (1938)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Gibraltar, 1938: Terrorists have infiltrated the British naval base and are sabotaging troop transports to Palestine. To catch them, a British officer masquerades as a traitor, even letting his fiancee believe he's a rat. Undercover, he becomes the lover of a dancer who performs in a Tangier cafe known to host shady characters. Eventually, this dancer, Mercedes, will discover who he really is and will sacrifice herself to protect him.


En 1938, à Gibraltar, afin d'infiltrer des terroristes qui sabotent les transports de troupe vers la Palestine, un Officier Anglais se fait passer pour un traître aux yeux de tous y compris sa fiancée. Il devient l'amant de Mercédés, la pulpeuse danseuse d'un cabaret mal famé de Tanger, qui attire les hommes comme la lumière attire les papillons. Ayant découvert son jeu, Mercédés qui en réalité espionne pour le compte du mystérieux Marson, se sacrifie par amour pour lui.



LE DERNIER DES SIX  (1941)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Six friends who've just won a game decide to make a pact: in five years, they'll get together again and equally share the nest egg that's amassed over the years from their winnings. On the date of the reunion, each one mysteriously disappears, one after the other. Commissioner Wens, with the help of his clumsy girlfriend Mila Malou, makes it his mission to unmask the murderer, whom, he suspects, is one of the aforementioned six men.


Six amis qui viennent de gagner au jeu ont conclu un pacte : se retrouver au bout de cinq années durant lesquelles ils devront faire fructifier le magot afin de partager équitablement la fortune amassée. À la date des retrouvailles, ils disparaissent mystérieusement les uns après les autres. Le commissaire Wens, aidé par son encombrante petite amie Mila Malou, est chargé de démasquer l'assassin, sans doute l'un des six.



TOKYO OLYMPIAD  (1965)  * with switchable English subtitles *




THE RED MENACE  (1949)  * NEW *

A disillusioned, bitter ex-GI gets involved with the Communist Party and winds up falling in love with one of its "instructors." At first a true believer, he realizes his mistake when he witnesses Communists murder a member who questions the Party's principles. He tries to leave the Party, but is marked for assassination. Moral of the story: Party poopers will pay the price for trying to depart from the party prematurely (said Sally sitting by the seashore collecting sea shells).




Bankrupt enterpreneur Hermann Hartung is expecting a visit from his supposedly rich uncle Thomas Hoffmann, who emigrated to America forty years earlier. Much to the disappointment of his nephew, Uncle Hoffmann shows up with little more than a few Dollars in his pocket. Bank officialBodo Schmidt has an idea, however: he convinces the uncle to play at being rich, so the value of Hartung's company stock will skyrocket. A tried and true recipe for disaster played out in the Dot.com bust of the 1990s.


Der konkursreife Unternehmer Herrmann Hartung erwartet seinen vemeintlich reichen Onkel Thomas Hoffmann aus Amerika, der vor 40 Jahren ausgewandert ist. Zur großen Enttäuschung seines Neffen kehrt dieser aber nur mit ein paar Dollar in der Tasche heim. Der Bankbeamte Bodo Schmidt weiß Rat: Er überredet den Onkel, Millionär zu spielen, um den Wert von Hartungs Aktien wieder.




Xaver Huber has a grand idea: he wants to manufacture real Bavarian beer in the deep jungles of Africa. For some reason, this disturbs his novice brewer, Toni. Luckily, his former teacher's there to help him get out of trouble (but not, unfortunately, to get out of this movie).


Xaver Huber hat eine tolle Idee: Er will im dichten Urwald Afrikas echtes bayerisches Bier produzieren. Das bereitet seinem frischgebackenen Braumeister Toni große Sorgen. Sein früherer Lehrmeister soll ihm aus der Patsche helfen.



LABYRINTH DES GRAUENS  (1921)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *  * NEW *

Edward Stephenson, the son of a great industrialist, is due to marry the daughter of another prominent business leader. But the boy prefers a modest employee of the latter, Maud Hartley, whose brother is an impossible rascal and a murderer of a police officer. Maud is spurned by Edward, who wrongly assumes she is unfaithful. Later, the girl is victim of a railway accident and then throws herself headlong into the easy life. Will the couple reunite again, for better or worse?



RUN, VIRGIN, RUN  (1970)  * NEW *

Legend has it that a brisk wind called the "Faun" delivers vigor to the men of Falklenhousen - accounting for the town's satisfied wives and high birth rate. Truth is, when the men are away, their voluptuous wives play!




According to a legend out of the Harz Mountains, at some point during the Middle Ages, a brutal and greedy windmill-owner --- together with two administrators --- set a forest mill on fire. Disguised as devils, they descended upon the mill one stormy night and stole the flour there before setting it on fire. From that moment on, the local farmers were forced to bring their grain to the windmill to be ground. Muhlmann, the windmill's owner,  not content with having destroyed the forest mill, also spread the rumor that it was bewitched. Anne, who works at Muhlmann's farm, discovered the stolen flour and is determined to investigate the crime. Threatened, Muhlmann has Anne brought to the castle, where she and her young lover Jorg are held in captivity. Fortunately, three charcoal-makers --- forest spirits --- rescue the two and commission Jorg to rebuild the forest mill. Supported by the village farmers, the forest spirits and young Jorg are successful in their quest. Since the forest mill was --- and is --- closer to the farmers than the windmill was, when the next harvest comes in, the peasants return to the forest to grind their grain. Muhlmann is ruined and in a furious rage, decides to get revenge. Fortunately, the charcoal-makers turn him into a stone statue and the farmers are spared his chicanery then and forever.


Nach einer Sage aus dem Harz steckte irgendwann im Mittelalter der brutale, gierige Besitzer des Windmühlenhofs zusammen mit dem Burgvogt und dem Dorfschulzen eine Waldmühle in Brand. Als Teufel verkleidet, hatten sie sich in einer Gewitternacht ans Werk gemacht und auch noch das letzte Mehl aus der Waldmühle gestohlen. Fortan sind die Bauern gezwungen, das Korn bei dem bösen Mühlmann mahlen zu lassen, zumal er das Gerücht verbreitet, die Waldmühle sei verhext. Anne, die auf seinem Hof arbeitet, entdeckt die gestohlenen Säcke und kommt so dem Verbrechen auf die Spur. Der Mühlmann lässt sie deshalb auf die Burg verschleppen, wo schon ihr Geliebter, der junge Müller Jörg, festgehalten wird. Doch die drei guten Köhler, die Geister des Waldes, retten das Paar und erteilen ihm den Auftrag, die Waldmühle wieder aufzubauen. Unterstützt von den Bauern des Dorfes - und natürlich den Waldgeistern gelingt das Vorhaben. Die nächste Ernte wird wieder in der alten Mühle gemahlen. Der finstere Mühlmann geht leer aus. Als er in rasender Wut Rache üben will, verwandeln ihn die Köhler in ein steinernes Standbild.



A DREAM  (1964)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

In 19th Century Ukraine, the young poet Taras Shevchenko is writing what are considered to be seditious poems by the government in St. Petersburg. He is therefore summoned for interrogation by his Russian masters. But instead of providing explanations to the occupiers, Taras composes ever more poems about and devoted to the bleak fate of Ukraine. Because of this outrageous behavior, Shevchenko is informed by the military authorities that he will no longer be permitted to write and draw. This film tells the story of the poet during those days, as well as his memories of his years in serfdom and the hardships faced by his land and its people.



AN UNS GLAUBT GOTT NICHT MEHR  (1982)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *  * NEW *

After his father is murdered by the Nazis in 1938, a young Viennese Jew named Ferry Tobler flees to Prague, where he joins forces with another expatriate and a sympathetic Czech relief worker. Together with other Jewish refugees, the three make their way to Paris, and, after spending time in a French prison camp, eventually escape to Marseille, from where they hope to sail to a safe port.


Nachdem die Nazis im Jahr 1938 in Wien seinen Vater ermordet haben, flieht der wiener Jude Ferry Tobler nach Prag, wo er einen anderen Leidensgenossen namens Gandhi kennenlernt. Gemeinsam mit ihm und anderen Vertriebenen macht er sich auf den Weg nach Paris, von wo aus er einen sicheren Weg in eine nazifreie Welt zu finden hofft.


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After the death of his wife in the 1870s, the Waltz King Johann Strauss Jr. falls in love with a ballet dancer at the Viennese Court Opera.  Disappointed, the famous operetta singer Marie Geistinger turns away from him.  But when his new marriage fails, she brings the broken man back to life.


Nach dem Tode seiner Frau in den 70er Jahren des 19. Jahrhunderts verliebt sich der Walzerkönig Johann Strauß (Sohn) in eine Balletteuse der Wiener Hofoper. Enttäuscht wendet sich die seinerzeit berühmte Operettensängerin Marie Geistinger von ihm ab. Als jedoch seine neue Ehe scheitert, richtet sie den gebrochenen Mann wieder auf.



ROMANZE  (1936)


An officer gives up the love of his life, who, after missing for many years, is once more found and who has married in the meantime.  Artificially exotic film, which takes place in Vienna and East Asia is a less successful example of the action films, for which Selpin made his name as a minor director in the Third Reich.


Ein Offizier verzichtet auf die nach Jahren wiedergefundene, inzwischen verheiratete Geliebte. Der gekünstelte exotische Abenteuerfilm, der in Wien und Ostasien spielt, ist ein weniger gelungenes Beispiel dafür, daß Selpin als einer der wenigen Regisseure des "Dritten Reichs" eine gewisse Begabung für den Actionfilm hatte.




1808:  Napoleon, Tsar Alexander of Russia and other princes meet at the Congress of Erfurt.  At the same time, the small, unknown actress Lisa is on her way to Erfurt, too.  She wants to perform before the Emperor Napoleon.  She’s able to talk him out of making her a sexual conquest as a condition for her to perform.  He is so enthusiastic about her charm, that he helps her to get her imprisoned lover, Heinz, out of prison.


1808: Napoleon, Zar Alexander von Russland und andere Fürsten treffen sich zum Erfurter Kongress. Gleichzeitig ist die kleine unbekannte Schauspielerin Lisa auf dem Weg dorthin. Sie will unbedingt vor Kaiser Napoleon spielen. Die dafür von ihm geforderte Liebesnacht kann sie ihm ausreden. Er ist von ihrem Charme so begeistert, dass er ihr auch noch dabei hilft, ihren verhafteten Geliebten Heinz, einen linken Karikaturisten, aus dem Gefängnis zu holen.





Paul Horbiger is the likeable children’s doctor, Dr. Engel, who is always ready to help anyone and who falls in love with the mother Maria, who is a violinist in his favorite café and who is raising a child on her own.  When her son Hans becomes seriously ill, Maria runs after Dr. Engel, who has just left the café.  The café owner, Dillmann, who likewise is in love with Maria, promptly fires her.  Dr. Engel takes care of the sick boy and tries to help Maria find a new job.  But he isn’t able to tell her how much he loves her.


Paul Hörbiger als sympathischer und hilfsbereiter Kinderarzt Dr. Engel, der sich in die alleinerziehende Mutter Maria verliebt, die als Geigerin in seinem Stammcafé arbeitet. Als ihr Sohn Hans ernstlich erkrankt, läuft Maria Dr. Engel nach, der gerade aus dem Café geht. Der Cafébesitzer Dillmann, der ebenfalls in Maria verliebt ist, entlässt sie daraufhin. Dr. Engel kümmert sich um den kranken Hans und versucht Maria zu helfen, eine neue Stelle zu finden. Er schafft es aber nicht, ihr seine Liebe zu erklären. 





Watchmaker Furchtegott Palme has three beautiful daughters. The two oldest are as good as engaged. Only Anna doesn’t seem to have a clue how to get acquainted with love.  And who would be the right one for that? Her boss, Dr. Hartwig, who invited her to a party or perhaps Fink, the cousin of her friend Mona, whom Anna is supposed to pick up from the rail station? Anna, however, picks up the wrong guy at the rail station, but who seems perfect for her. But then, he disappears again. A pity, Anna thinks. And she ends up at Dr. Hartwig’s party, too. When she shows up all fancy and such for the party, he’s still with General Director Schroll working on an important contract. The next day, Anna meets the “wrong cousin” again. He’s Will Uders, a young and attractive lawyer. This time, Anna’s not letting him get away.


Uhrmacher Fürchtegott Palme hat drei sehr hübsche Töchter. Die beiden älteren sind so gut wie verlobt, nur Anna weiß noch nicht so recht, was sie mit der Liebe anfangen soll. Und wer käme da in Frage? Ihr Chef, Dr. Hartwig, der sie zu einer Party eingeladen hat, oder Fink, der Vetter ihrer Freundin Mona, den Anna vom Bahnhof abholen soll ?  Doch sie bringt den Falschen zu Mona, der als der Richtige für sie erscheint, jedoch sofort wieder verschwindet. Schade, findet Anna. Auch bei Dr. Hartwig ist sie enttäuscht. Als sie im Abendkleid zur Party erscheint, setzt er noch mit Generaldirektor Schroll einen wichtigen Vertrag auf. Doch der Abend endet mit einem Krach. Am nächsten Tag begegnet Anna dem falschen Vetter, es ist Will Uders, ein junger, angesehender Rechtsanwalt, und jetzt läßt Anna nicht mehr locker.




Things are once again all-a-bustle in the Viennese Prater.  Even Fred, a young painter, and his friend Nicki, a known folk music singer, stroll around the grounds and stop in front of the magic stall, because the young assistant to the magician treats them especially well.  They become animated watching the magician’s performance and are witnesses to how several of the magic tricks go wrong and it turns out that Tini, the assistant, is the reason for the tricks going south.  The magician is more than just a little pissed off and fires the assistant on the spot.  Fred and Nicki, who saw the whole thing, immediately comfort the desperate young lady.  Nicki has to put on a performance, but Fred does all he can to distract Tini from her sad lot.


Im Wiener Prater geht es mal wieder hoch her. Auch Fred, ein junger Maler, und sein Freund Nicki, seines Zeichens Volksmusiksänger, schlendern über die Anlage und machen Halt vor einer Zauberbude, weil die junge Assistentin des Zauberkünstlers ihnen ausnehmend gut gefällt. Sie lassen sich animieren, seine Vorstellung zu besuchen und werden Zeuge, wie etliche Zaubertricks daneben gehen und daran ist ausgerechnet Tini, so heißt die Assistentin des Zauberers, schuld. Der Meister ist mehr als erbost und entlässt seine Gehilfin umgehend. Fred und Nicki, die das Geschehen mitbekommen haben, kümmern sich sofort um die verzweifelte junge Dame. Nicki hat noch einen Auftritt, aber Fred setzt alles daran, Tini auf andere Gedanken zu bringen.




Pierre, the rich fiancés of the famous opera singer Adrienne, demands she give up her career for him.  A fight breaks out and Adrienne runs away, fleeing to Spanish San Sebastian, where she gets to know the handsome Trent, who wins the rights to her voice, when she runs out of money at the casino.  They travel together to Seville, where they test her abilities at a bullfight.  However, she is disappointed, when she finds out that Trent took pains to ensure the audience cheer for her.  Pierre buys Adrienne back from Trent and Adrienne prepares for a new opera engagement.  On the evening of the premiere, it turns out that the composer of the opera is Trent, who also conducts the orchestra.  And that’s when Adrienne realizes, that she’s in love with Trent.



Pierre, der reiche Verlobte der berühmten Opernsängerin Adrienne, verlangt, dass sie für ihn ihre Karriere aufgibt. Da kommt es zum Streit, Adrienne läuft davon und flüchtet ins spanische San Sebastian, wo sie den gut aussehenden Trent kennen lernt, der, als ihr im Casino das Geld ausgeht, beim Spiel die Rechte an ihrer Stimme gewinnt. Sie fahren gemeinsam nach Sevilla, wo sie bei einem Stierkampf eine Kostprobe ihres Könnens gibt. Sie ist allerdings enttäuscht, als sie erfährt, dass Trent dafür gesorgt hat, dass die Leute ihr zujubeln. Pierre kauft Adrienne von Trent frei, und Adrienne lässt sich für eine neue Oper engagieren. Am Abend der Premiere stellt sich heraus, dass der Komponist dieser Oper Trent ist, der auch das Orchester dirigiert. Und da erkennt Adrienne, dass sie Trent liebt.  .




The bored heir to a soap factory is able through pure chance to work incognito in the 153rd branch of the business. While doing so, he falls in love with a beautiful customer, gets into a rivalry with a jealous worker and helps to expose a dishonest boss.


In dieser Verwechslungskomödie kann der gelangweilte junge Erbe einer Seifenfabrik durch Zufall inkognito in der 153. Filiale des Unternehmens arbeiten. Dort verliebt er sich in eine hübsche Kundin, rivalisiert mit einem eifersüchtigen Schlachtermeister und hilft, den unredlichen Geschäftsführer zu entlarven.





A poor taxi driver is suspected of having committed a hit and run.  Since he can’t prove his innocence, his driver’s license is revoked and he’s put in jail for twenty days.  After being released from prison, he is offered money by an elegant woman, who is, you guessed it, the real hit-and-run driver.  He declines the money and earns his living as a street singer.  He once again meets the lady, who arranges to have him trained as a tenor.  After his studies are finished, he gets a contract to perform at the opera.  But when his patron demands his heart, he returns to his Mizzi.


Ein armer Taxichauffeur gerät in Verdacht, Fahrerflucht begangen zu haben. Da er seine Unschuld nicht beweisen kann, wird ihm der Führerschein entzogen, und er erhält zwanzig Tage Haft. Nach seiner Entlassung bekommt er von einer eleganten Dame Geld angeboten, da sie den Unfall verschuldet hatte. Er lehnt ab und verdient sich seinen Unterhalt als Straßensänger. Abermals begegnet er der Dame, die ihn zum Tenor ausbilden lässt. Nach dem Studium erhält er einen Vertrag bei der Oper. Als seine Gönnerin dann aber sein Herz verlangt, kehrt er zu seiner Mizzi zurück.




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