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.The Vampire and the Ballerina  (1960)  * with switchable English subtitles *

A troupe of beautiful young dancers find themselves stranded in a sinister, spooky old castle, not knowing that it is home to a group of vampires...



Hokuspokus  (1953)  * with switchable English subtitles *

A case of murder is brought to court. The painter Hilmar Kjerulf is dead, and his wife Agda is accused of murder. The conviction of the murderous widow seems to be certain due to the evidence that has been compiled. However, in the night before the proclamation of the sentence, the president of the court is visited by a stranger, who seeks to prove with a complete chain of evidence that the president's friend Mr. Graham, who happens to be present, might have committed the murder as well. At the end of his speech, the stranger, who is obviously a talented conjurer, confesses to be the true murderer of the painter and disappears into the darkness. The next day in court, the conjurer reappears as the lawyer of the accused and apologizes for his nocturnal burlesque, which was meant to prove his argument. He then starts to dissect, with great pleasure, the burden of proof against the so-called spouse murderer. She, for her part, entraps herself in contradictions. 

Vor Gericht wird der Mord an dem Maler Hilmar Kjerulf verhandelt. Angeklagt ist seine Frau Agda, die von Valerie von Martens als strategische Naive voll von klugem Hintersinn gespielt wird. In der Nacht vor der Urteilsverkündung die Verurteilung der mörderischen Witwe aufgrund von zusammengetragenen Indizien scheint sicher erhält der Gerichtspräsident überraschend Besuch von einem Unbekannten, der ihm in einer lückenlosen Beweiskette demonstriert, daß sein gerade anwesender bester Freund Mr. Graham genauso gut auch sein Mörder sein könnte. Der fremde Besucher, offensichtlich ein begabter Zauberkünstler, bekennt zum Schluß seines Auftrittes der wahre Mörder des Malers zu sein und entschwindet in die Dunkelheit. Am nächsten Tag taucht der Zauberer als Anwalt der Angeklagten im Gerichtssaal wieder auf, entschuldigt sich für die nächtliche Posse, die seine Argumentation untermauern soll, und zerpflückt nun genüßlich die Beweisführung gegen die angebliche Gattenmörderin, die sich währenddessen immer tiefer in Widersprücheverstrickt. .


Roman einer jungen Ehe  (1952)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

The recent marriage between two actors in divided Berlin seems doomed to a quick failure. Jochen works at the Westend Theatre and Agnes performs for films in East Berlin. Shaped by the respective political set-ups in each half of the city, their conflicting views are leading them to drift apart. While Agnes is proud of the film she's starring in, Jochen is horrified of its plot. Eventually, the much-anticipated becomes reality: Agnes moves for good to East Berlin and appeals to the courts for a divorce. This, however, leads Jochen to seek a reconciliation with her. In the meantime, he's lost his job and is unable to find work, convincing him that Agnes' views are the right ones. 

Eine junge Schauspielerehe im geteilten Berlin droht zu zerbrechen. Jochen arbeitet am Westend-Theater und Agnes filmt in Ostberlin. Ihre Ansichten, von den unterschiedlichen politischen Milieus geprägt, driften immer mehr auseinander. Agnes ist stolz auf ihren neuen Film, Jochen ist entsetzt über dessen Thema. Es kommt zum Bruch, Agnes zieht ganz nach Ostberlin. Als sie sich im Gericht zum Scheidungsprozeß treffen, versöhnen sie sich. Jochen hat inzwischen keine Arbeit mehr und begreift, daß Agnes den richtigen Weg gegangen ist..



Lotna  (1959)  * with switchable English subtitles *

September, 1939: Lotna is a superb example of an Arabian horse and the pride of her owner. Too old to ride her, Lotna nevertheless remains faithful to her master. And like Lotna, the Polish cavalry is a superb example of an art of war, which instantly becomes obsolete with the German invasion of their neighbor. And despite their loyalty to Poland, their customs and their pride, they are brutally informed of their obsolescence in the face of fierce and swift attacks by the enemy's tanks. Lotna's fate in this new kind of warfare will become a metaphor for the confirmation of chivalry's end and its replacement by merciless and impersonal slaughter.



The Golden Horde  (1951)

In 1220, a small band of English crusaders arrives at Samarkand in Central Asia, just as the city and its ruling princess are being threatened by the hordes of Genghis Khan. Lovely Princess Shalimar hopes to thwart the conqueror by guile, while Sir Guy wants to put up a brave (if ultimately hopeless) fight. Despite a mutual attraction, their conflicting projects threaten any hope of success either might have had alone.



Pursuit of the Graf Spee  (1956)

In the fall of 1939, the German heavy cruiser (referred to as a pocket battleship) Graf Spee seems to have command of the Atlantic. In the first three months of World War II, she is responsible for sinking nine ships. The British send three cruisers commanded by Commodore Henry Harwood to confront her. The battle takes place on December 13, 1939 and the British come out on top. The Graf Spee heads for the neutral harbor of Montevideo, Uruguay. They are given only a short time to effect repairs and the British do their best to make them believe a British fleet six to eight ships await them. Rather than chance the loss of his men, the German captain orders the Graf Spee scuttled.



Berlin Correspondent  (1942)  * with switchable Spanish subtitles *

American correspondent Bill Roberts is a thorn in the side of the Nazis, as his paper always scoops the world with the truth about Germany. Gestapo Captain Carl Von Rau means to plug the leak and assigns Karen Hauen, whom he attends to wed, to the case. Roberts is obtaining his information for his stories and broadcasts from an elderly stamp collector, who, defiantly opposed to the Nazis, sells the "proper" stamps to Roberts, giving him the information. Attracted to Karen, Roberts invites her to his apartment where she learns his secret. The old philatelist is sent to a concentration camp, and then Karen learns that he is her father. She appeals to Roberts for help and he, in loyalty to the old man and now in love with Karen, agrees to help.



A Tale of Two Cities  (1980)

The ultimate tale of love, honor and sacrifice during the bloodstained French Revolution is movingly brought to life in this sumptuous production. The dashing Chris Sarandon stars in dual roles as the cynical lawyer Sydney Carton and the disenchanted aristocrat Charles Darnay, both in love with the same woman.




Der schweigende Engel  (1954)

Purely by chance, ballet superstar Sylvia Verena discovers that Angelika Helmer has real talent. The child, however, cannot speak and hasn't been able to since falling down as a young child. Nevertheless, Sylvia takes the child under her wing and trains her to be a ballerina; the unexpected result of which is to expose the child to the envy of Charlott, another young and talented ballerina. For her part, Charlott will do everything she can to trip up little Angelika. Charlott also knows that Angelika's brother Andreas has gone to prison for counterfeiting money. Andreas has since been let ouf of jail and is intent on making an honest living for himself, but he once more runs into his old mob boss, Kats. When Andreas makes it clear that his criminal days are behind him, Kats finds a way to implicate his mute sister in their crimes and now the cops are taking a close look at the girl. Andreas has to act fast to avoid being responsible for yet another family tragedy.

Zufällig entdeckt die Ballettmeisterin Sylvia Verena das Talent der stummen Angelika Helmer. Das Kind hat seit einem Sturz die Sprache verloren. Sylvia bildet Angelika in der Stadt zur Tänzerin aus und setzt sie ungewollt dem Neid des Ballettwunders Charlott aus. Charlott lässt nichts unversucht, um Angelika zu schaden. Auch weiß sie, dass Angelikas erwachsener Bruder Andreas wegen der Herstellung von Falschgeld im Gefängnis gesessen hat. Andreas will sich mit einem Freund eine neue Existenz aufbauen und lehnt krumme Geschäfte ab, als er Kats, den Chef der Fälscherbande, wiedertrifft. Kats spannt jedoch die ahnungslose Angelika für sich ein, und das Kind gerät ins Visier der Polizei. Andreas muss handeln und eine neue Tragödie scheint sich anzubahnen.



Ski Patrol  (1940)  +  Resisting Enemy Interrogation  (1944)

SKI PATROL  (1940)

When Viktor Ryder stops to help his rival and friend Ivan Dubroski, who has fallen during the running of the 1936 Olympic ski marathon, Ivan wins the race for the Russians, while Viktor places second for the Finns and Dick Reynolds takes third place for the Americans. Viktor returns home to Finland to celebrate the coming marriage of his sister Lissa to Paavo Luuki when a Russian bomber rains death on his Finnish village, killing Lissa. As war is declared between Finland and Russia, Viktor and his fellow townsmen are posted at a dugout on Salma Mountain, a strategic point that guards the pass, and there they are joined by Dick Reynolds and fellow skier Jan Sikorsky. As the enemy begins to tunnel and mine the mountain, Viktor runs the enemy lines on skis and reaches town. There, he sends Jacob Sorenson for reinforcements and falls in love with Julia Engle. Returning to the mountain dugout, Viktor realizes that the post is doomed unless the enemy mining can be stopped. Thus, fellow townsmen Birger Simberg, Dick, Jan and Paavo join Viktor on a suicide mission to blow up the entrance of the mine tunnel. On their mission, Jan dies a hero when he blows up a machine gun nest, Dick is wounded, Birger is wounded while saving Dick from sniper fire, and Paavo is killed while covering Viktor in his attempt to reach the mine entrance. Ivan, Viktor's Olympic rival and now a Russian soldier, is sent to intercept Viktor. Ivan overtakes Viktor, but is unable to shoot his old friend. After he allows Viktor to escape, Ivan carries his nitroglycerine back to Aranoff, his supervisor, as evidence that he has killed the Finn. Aranoff has witnessed Ivan and Viktor shake hands, however, and so he shoots Ivan, touching off the explosives and blowing up the tunnel entrance. His objective completed, Viktor returns to marry Julia and visit the graves of Paavo and Lissa.


Among the five new prisoners arriving at Dulag Luft, a German Interrogation center for captured American air crews, are wounded flier Ralph Cole; Capt. James N. Spencer, the pilot commander; First Lieutenant Frank L. Williams, the co-pilot; Cooper, a frightened, young flier; and Technical Sergeant Alfred Mason. The Americans were captured in Italy, where their B-99 crashed while on a sortie to destroy German communication lines, and the German commander is frustrated by the discovery that much of their equipment, including bombs and identification papers, has been destroyed. The Nazis know that one of the crew is missing, but have few leads on the identities of the five prisoners, other than a newspaper clipping about Williams' father, who is the founder of the New England League Against Nazism. Initial interrogations by the Nazis reveal that Williams is talkative, and that Macson is fiercely loyal to his commander. Hoping to get more information by breaking the will of the weakest prisoner, the Nazi commander sends Cooper to solitary confinement. Spencer, meanwhile, is interrogated by the Nazis, but he refuses to divulge any information beyond his name, rank and serial number. Herr Mahler, a Red Cross representative, asks Spencer to sign admission papers, but Spencer knows it is a trick and refuses to complete the form. The Nazi commander abruptly ends his interrogation of Spencer by calling him the "uncooperative type." Later, Williams carelessly discusses Cole's identity with a man who introduces himself as a fellow American, and who offers Williams his friendship. From his hospital bed, Cole is tricked by a German nurse, who, while presenting herself as a victim of the Nazi regime, manages to extract information from the wounded soldier. Cole foolishly tells the nurse that his unit is from the fighter base at Naples, Italy, and speaks freely about his military service. Later, the major uses Spencer's admissions to coax Williams into talking in more detail about the fighting power of the B-99 bomber. From the information extracted from the prisoners thus far, the Nazis conclude that the Allies intend to strike an industrial center in a populated area. Mason provides the Nazis with further information about the B-99 and the mission when the major engages the technical sergeant in an argument about the plane's capabilities. When the Nazi commander threatens to harm Spencer if Mason does not give him more information, Mason panics and tells him more about the Air Force mission, including the information that it is to begin the following day. With the help of Cooper's inadvertent admission that the bombers will be carrying incendiary bombs and delayed-action bombs, the Nazis deduce that the mission will be hitting one of three targets in Budapest, Munich or Belgrade. Only hours before the start of the planned bombing mission, the Nazis determine that the target will be a Munich oil refinery. The information given to the Nazis by the airmen proves fatal for American fliers, as German fighter planes intercept and shoot down twenty-eight Allied bombers. Back at an Allied base, an American officer lectures his fliers on the dangers of speaking to Germans, and uses the failed mission as an example of the consequences of talking too much.



Der Barenhauter  (1986)

The war is over and the soldier Christoffel has no future and no money. Despondent, he's about to blow his brains out when along comes the Devil, who offers him a deal: his pockets will always be full of money; but for seven years, he's not allowed to bathe, cut his hair or nails, and must sleep on a bearskin instead of a bed. If he fails to do any of this, he will forever be a servant of Satan. As a soldier, Christoffel often wasn't able to wash himself for weeks at a time and so sees these conditions as do-able. He accepts the deal. With his cares for the future apparently banished, Christoffel goes on his merry way, but after a short period of time, he finds himself lonely. At a festival, no girl wants to dance with him, because he looks dirty and unkempt (and stinks to high heaven). He tries to wash some of the dirt off himself in the rain, but this fails miserably. Soon, everyone's doing all they can to avoid him. Only at the king's court does he find some temporary semblance of friendship, but only because he's a lousy card player and loses huge sums to the king and his minions. When, after a bit, the royal attendants can no longer bear his stench, they attempt to steal his money and get rid of him. They discover, however, that his pockets are empty and assume he's lost all he had. Without further ado, they toss him out on his rear end.

Der Krieg ist zu Ende und der Soldat Christoffel hat keine Zukunftsperspektive und kein Geld. Er weiß nicht, was er machen soll und möchte sich erschießen; da begegnet ihm der Teufel. Dieser bietet ihm einen Pakt an: Seine Rocktasche wird immer voller Geld sein. Aber: er darf sich sieben Jahre lang nicht waschen, nicht die Haare und die Nägel schneiden und muss auf einem Bärenfell statt im Bett schlafen. Gelingt ihm nur eines dieser Dinge nicht wird er für immer dem Teufel verschrieben sein. Christoffel, der als Soldat sich wochenlang nicht waschen konnte, sieht das als lösbare Aufgabe an und nimmt die Bedingung an. Scheinbar den Sorgen der Zukunft entledigt, macht sich Christoffel auf den Weg. Aber schon nach kurzer Zeit wird er einsam. Auf einem Volksfest möchte kein Mädchen mit ihm tanzen, da er schmutzig und ungepflegt aussieht und offensichtlich auch stinkt. Im Regen versucht er sich den Dreck abzuspülen – ohne sichtbaren Erfolg. Überall wird er gemieden. Lediglich am Hof des Königs wird er für eine Weile mit Freundlichkeiten überhäuft, da er – als lausiger Kartenspieler – jede Menge Geld an König und Hofstaat verliert. Als sie seinen Gestank nicht mehr aushalten wollen, versuchen sie ihm sein Geld zu stehlen. Da man aber nur leere Taschen vorfand, glaubte man, dass er alles ausgegeben habe und schmiss ihn raus. 



Bedaure, falsch verbunden  (1962)

Lona's sick in bed. It's late at night and her husband Harry still isn't home. She tries to call him at the office. Due to the usual incompetence of the telephone company, she instead manages to eavesdrop on a conversation between two men. One of them is going to murder a woman within the next 90 minutes. Agitated at what she hears, Lona calls the cops. Sergeant Duffy, however, calms the woman down and says there's nothing he can do about it ... the telephone company's always screwing up connections! Lona then calls her husband's secretary and discovers that an unknown woman showed up at the office that morning. Through the course of the next 90 minutes, Lona becomes more convinced who the woman is who's going to be bumped off: herself. Is she right? Will she get credit for the misconnected call? Watch and find out!

Lona liegt krank im Bett. Als ihr Mann Henry spät abends immer noch nicht zu Hause ist, versucht sie in dessen Büro anzurufen. Durch eine Störung in der Leitung belauscht sie ein Gespräch zwischen zwei Männern. Einer von ihnen soll in den nächsten eineinhalb Stunden eine Frau ermorden. Aufgeregt ruft Lona die Polizei an. Doch Sergeant Duffy beruhigt die Frau und sagt, er könne nichts tun. Lona ruft die Sekretärin ihres Mannes an, und erfährt, das eine unbekannte Dame am Morgen im Büro erschien. Im Laufe der kommenden Stunde ist Lona immer mehr der Überzeugung: die Frau, die umgebracht werden soll, ist sie selbst.



Im schwarzen Rossl  (1961)

Eva, who earns a living as a dancing girl at a cabaret, has learned she's inherited the Palace Hotel in St. Wolfgang. She immediately quits her job and drives to Wolfgangsee with her friend Maxie; but a rather unpleasant surprise awaits the two of them: the so-called hotel is little more than a ruin and they're unable to see the beautiful Austrian alps behind the hotel, because a mountain of debt is blocking the view. What now? Well, luckily, six helpful (and obviously horny) male students are camping out there and are more than ready to help the girls out.

Eva, die sich ihr Geld als Nummerngirl verdient, erfährt, daß sie das Palast-Hotel in St. Wolfgang geerbt hat. Sie kündigt sofort und fährt mit ihrer Freundin Maxie an den Wolfgangsee. Doch gleich nach ihrer Ankunft erleben sie eine böse Überraschung: das Gebäude ist ein alter baufälliger Kasten mit einem Berg voll Schulden. Was nun? Da erhalten die beiden hübschen Mädchen unerwartete Hilfe von sechs Studenten, die auf der Hotelwiese zelten.



It happened at the Inn  (1943)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

The film tells the story of a family of cunning peasants, the Goupi. Father Goupi brings his son back home from Paris, where he's supposed to have become an important man and done well financially, with the intention of marrying him to his cousin. But the jealousy of "Tonkin", another of his cousins, facing this newcomer from the city, will make the night of his arrival one of unrest and unexplained crimes that will sow panic and doubt within the family.

Le film raconte l'histoire d'une famille charentaise de paysans rusés, les Goupi. Le père Goupi fait revenir son fils de Paris, censé être devenu un homme important et y avoir acquis une bonne situation, avec l'intention de le marier à sa cousine. Mais la jalousie de « Tonkin », un autre de ses cousins, face à ce nouveau venu citadin, fera de la nuit de son arrivée une nuit d'agitation et de crimes inexpliqués qui sèmeront la panique et le doute au sein de la famille.



The Big Parade  (1986)  * with switchable English subtitles *

In October 1984, a group of military cadets prepare for an elaborate parade ceremony to be held on the 35th anniversary of the People's Republic. The soldiers, both young and old, initially find themselves rebelling against their tyrannical sergeant, who puts them through a punishing series of drills. In time, the soldiers come to respect their trainer, whose seemingly arbitrary exercises and demanding attitude slowly mold the unit into a disciplined group of men.



Korczak  (1990)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Account of the last days of life of the legendary Polish pedagogue Janusz Korczak and his heroic dedication to protecting Jewish orphans during the War. Jewish doctor Henryk Goldszmit, known also as Janusz Korczak, is a man of high principles. He is unafraid of shouting at German officers and frequently has to be persuaded to save his own life. His orphanage, set up in a cramped school in the Warsaw ghetto, provides shelter to 200 homeless kids. Putting his experimental educational methods into practice, he installs a kind of children's self-government, whose justice is in a big contrast to what is happening in the outside world. Right in front of the school, dozens of kids are dying or being killed every day and their naked bodies lie on the street unattended. Ghetto's mayor assures Korczak that the orphanages will be saved. Korczak raises food and money for the orphanage from the rich Jews. In the final roundup, he refuses to accept a Swiss passport and boards the train to Treblinka with his orphans.



Die Flucht  (1977)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Dr. Schmith has proposed a research project to reduce infant mortality from premature births. His superiors, however, reject the proposal. This causes the good doctor to come up with the idea of leaving the People's Republic. He contracts with a western escape agency to get him out of the DDR. Shortly thereafter, an international research group discovers and decides to pursue Dr. Schmith's proposal, with him leading the East German research section. He also finds a life partner in his new colleague, Katharina. Schmith thus decides to call off the escape attempt, but is then blackmailed by the agency that was set to help him. Fearing he has no choice, he takes the unsuspecting Katharina along for a second escape attempt. When she realizes what he's got planned, she does what any good Iron Curtain citizen does and runs away, back to the workers' paradise.


Oberarzt Dr. Schmith plant ein Forschungsprojekt zur Senkung der Frühgeburtensterblichkeit. Doch es wird von den übergeordneten Stellen abgelehnt. Daraufhin entschließt sich Schmith, die DDR zu verlassen. Er schließt einen Vertrag mit einer westlichen Fluchthilfeorganisation. Kurz darauf wird sein Projekt doch realisiert - in einer internationalen Forschungsgruppe, deren DDR-Sektion er leiten soll. Außerdem findet er in der neuen Kollegin Katharina eine Lebensgefährtin. Schmith ignoriert die Abmachung mit den Fluchthelfern, doch er wird von ihnen erpreßt. Zum zweiten Fluchttermin nimmt er die ahnungslose Katharina mit. Als sie seine Absicht erfährt, flüchtet sie.  


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WESTERPLATTE (1967) *improved video and improved switchable English subtitles *

Westerplatte - a peninsula at the entry to Gdansk Harbor. A Polish ammunition depot in the free City Gdansk. It's crew - one infantry company and a group of civilians. A total of 182 people. The only Polish guard-post at the mouth of the Vistula. Five sentries, one field cannon, two anti-armor guns, four mortars. It was the first obstacle to Hitler's predatory march across Europe. The first shots of World War II were fired here. At dawn of first September 1939, the "Schleswig-Holstein" approached to within several hundred meters of Westerplatte and at 4.45 hours opened fire. It's the beginning of World War II. The German ship maintained fire for 6 minutes, after which the infantry moved in to attack. For about 200 Polish soldiers and their commander, Major Henryk Sucharski it's the first of seven days of their heroic defense.



Madchen im Vorzimmer  (1940)


Beate works as a highly efficient office worker in a large publishing house.  When Beate’s boss one day brings in a new publishing director, she suddenly loses her desire to work, for her new boss is no other than Beate’s former lover from long ago, who in his time bitterly disappointed the girl.

Beate arbeitet als äußerst tüchtige Bürokraft in einem großen Verlag. Als Beates Chef eines Tages einen neuen Verlagsleiter einstellt, hat sie auf einmal gar keinen so großen Arbeitswillen mehr, denn der Neue ist kein anderer als Beates längst verflossener Geliebter Groner, der das Mädchen seinerzeit bitter enttäuscht hatte.



10 DVD SET: THE GEORG WILHELM PABST COLLECTION * with switchable English subtitles *


10 DVD collection of Georg Wilhelm Pabst's films at a discounted price  (see the individual film descriptions for screenshots and sample videos!)



2 DVD SET: DAS INDISCHE GRABMAL + DER TIGER VON ESCHNAPUR (1938) * with switchable English subtitles *


Two (2)  DVD set of the following films, sold at a discount:




The second, and final, film adaptation of Thea von Harbou's novel:  after their daring escape from the jealous Maharaja Chandra and the intrigues of Prince Ramigani, Maharani Sitah and her German lover Sasha make it back to India.  In the Palace of Bengal there's a decisive confrontation between the main characters


Zweiter und letzter Teil der Verfilmung von Thea von Harbous Roman: Nach ihrer waghalsigen Flucht vor dem eifersüchtigen Maharadscha Chandra und dem intriganten Prinzen Ramigani gelangen die Maharani Sitah und ihr deutscher Geliebter Sascha zurück nach Indien.  Im Palast von Eschnapur kommt es zur entscheidenden Konfrontation zwischen den Hauptakteuren




This is the first part of the two-part film based on Thea von Harbou’s novel, “The Hindu Tomb”.  At the center of this complex action film is the dramatic love-triad between Chandra, the Maharaja of Bengal, who lives happily with his bride Sitha, and Sasha, a Russian émigré from Germany, who shows up at the palace and who re-ignites a passion started between himself and Sitha in Paris once upon a time.  Prince Ramagani, who is secretly planning a coup, uses the opportunity to rile up the Maharaja against Sasha and Sitha.  Both flee halfway round the world to Berlin, but are constantly pursued by Chandra, hell bent on revenge.


Erster Teil der zweiteiligen Verfilmung von Thea von Harbous Roman "Das indische Grabmal". Im Mittelpunkt des aufwändigen Abenteuerfilms steht ein dramatisches Liebesdreieck: Chandra, der Maharadscha von Eschnapur, lebt glücklich mit seiner Gemahlin Sitha. Als jedoch Sithas ehemaliger Liebhaber Sascha aus Deutschland im Palast auftaucht, gibt die wiedererwachte Leidenschaft zwischen den beiden Anlass für bösartige Intrigen. Prinz Ramagani, der insgeheim einen Staatstreich plant, nutzt die Gelegenheit, um den Maharadscha gegen Sascha und Sitha aufzubringen. Beide fliehen rund um die Welt bis nach Berlin, ständig verfolgt von Chandra und seinem Gefolge.



Weisser Flieder  (1940)


Once upon a time, the stocking manufacturer Hans Muth closed a contract with a competitor, the Rossler Firm, in which both enterprises would refrain from producing a patented “no-run” stocking.  After all, to make such a stocking would mean people needing to buy fewer of them and sales would certainly plummet.  Hans Muth Jr. now wants to back out of this agreement, since he believes his current business model is outmoded.  But he is met with fierce resistance from the Rossler Firm, where no one is interested in killing the contract.  So Junior attempts to bring about the cancellation by other means.
Einst hatte der Strumpffabrikant Hans Muth einen Vertrag mit seinem Konkurrenten, der Firma Rößler, abgeschlossen, dass beide Unternehmen den patentierten "maschenfesten Strumpf" nie in Produktion nehmen würden. Schließlich würde ein solcher Strumpf erhebliche Umsatzeinbußen bedeuten. Hans Muth junior will diesen Vertrag nun lösen, da er seiner Geschäftsauffassung nach völlig veraltet ist. Er stößt jedoch auf erbitterten Widerstand aus der Firma Rößler, wo man gar nicht daran denkt, die Abmachung für nichtig zu erklären. Deshalb versucht der Junior, sein Ziel auf anderen Wegen zu erreichen..


Ihre Majestat die Liebe  (1931)


Handsome Fred von Wellingen is courting the barmaid Lia.  His older brother Othmar and the rest of his family aren’t prepared to accept him as the general director of the Wellingen Engine Manufacturers, because he refuses to marry the rich Madame von Lingenfeld.  To provoke his family, Fred gets engaged with Lia.  Out of fear of a scandal, all his demands are met … but only if he doesn’t marry Lia.  When Lia finds out about this condition, she gives in despairingly to the advances of the goofy Baron Schwapsdorf.  But Fred recognizes his true feelings in time and kidnaps his beloved Lia from the registry office.

Der fesche Fred von Wellingen macht dem Barmädchen Lia den Hof. Sein älterer Bruder Othmar und die übrige Verwandtschaft wollen ihn nicht als Generaldirektor der Wellingen-Motorenfabrik akzeptieren, weil er sich weigert, die reiche Frau von Lingenfeld zu heiraten. Um seine Familie zu provozieren, verlobt sich Fred mit Lia. Aus Angst vor einem Skandal werden alle seine Forderungen erfüllt – wenn er Lia nicht heiratet. Als Lia davon erfährt, gibt sie aus Verzweiflung dem Werben des trotteligen Baron Schwapsdorf nach. Doch Fred besinnt sich gerade noch rechtzeitig seiner wahren Gefühle, und entführt die geliebte Lia aus dem Standesamt. 



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WWII German Map of East Asia  (1941)

April 1941 map of the Philippines, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Celebes put out by Perthes-Karten (Gotha) in 1:5,000,000, is in incredibly beautiful condition, with almost zero dirt, staining and no tears. Measures approx. 47 x 33 inches. 



WWII German Map of Southwest Asia  (1942)

February 1942 map of India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Arabia, Palestine, Syria, the Suez Canal region, etc.  put out by Perthes-Karten (Gotha) in 1:5,000,000, is in incredibly beautiful condition, with almost zero dirt, staining and only a minor --- but repaired --- tear on a bottom fold and some fold tears. Measures approx. 48 x 35 inches. 

WWII German Map of Italy and Southern Europe  (1944)

February 1944 map of Italy, Albania, Yugoslavia, etc.  put out by Perthes-Karten (Gotha) in 1:1,500,000, is in incredibly beautiful condition, with almost zero dirt, staining and minor fold tears (and a large border one (see scan!). Measures approx. 45.5  x  34.5 inches. 


WWII German Map of Southern Europe  (1944)

February 1944 map of Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy, etc.  put out by Perthes-Karten (Gotha) in 1:1,500,000, is in incredibly beautiful condition, with almost zero dirt, staining and no tears. Measures approx. 45.5  x  34.5 inches. 



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